Writing Your Novel

building_tentWe can help you outline your novel, and when it’s done, we can edit and prepare it for agents or self-publishing. But here in this middle step, it’s all you.

Tweet us (@HelpEdit) with the hashtag #amwriting, and we’ll give you a push. Plus, see below for some resources we’ve compiled that may help you through this leg of your journey to ‘published’. We’re always updating this page!

Suggested Reading/Listening

Here are some great guides we’ve found over the years.


Never underestimate the use of music for getting past plot obstacles and visualizing scenes. These are some recommendations we’ve heard over the years:

  • For fight scenes: Fast-paced dubstep and techno (think Nightwish, The Glitch Mob, etc.).
  • For epic vistas: ‘Trailer music’ (e.g. E.S. Posthumus) and movie soundtracks (especially from your genre or favorite movies).
  • For romantic or quiet scenes: Ambient meditation music (e.g. TheHonestGuys).
  • For period/historical fiction: Do some research into your chosen setting, and you can usually find music to fit (for example, it’s easy to find music from Edo-period Japan).


Depending on your setting, it’s easy to find images to keep handy in order to ‘stay in the moment’. Google Image Search can supply you with images of forests (including creepy forests), city streets, high places, underground, and more. You can even find far-out inspiration on reddit’s Imaginary Landscapes page.

We can help with the next step.

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